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International Coastal Cleanup



The «International Coastal Cleanup» is a worldwide event in which volunteers from all over the world meet in thousands of different points on the same day, to clean the coasts and beaches of garbage that we generate ourselves.

Dive4Help volunteers have been organizing and participating in different cleanups in Malapascua since 2016 and the International Coastal Cleanups events, Worl Oceans Day events and other local communities cleanups. As part of the Go Green Malapascua project, and as an awareness, normally these days have always been organized with children from different neighborhoods, since for us, they are the ones who have to become aware and be able to teach their parents and the next generations.

This year (2019), the ICC day was on September 21 and from have joined the event with different local organizations, government entities, restaurants and diving centers on the island. We were organizing the cleaning in Pilar’s Beach, one of the four points established for the ICC2019 in Malapascua. Together with Kalubian Hope Center, we were able to organize the event with the children of the center and their families. A total of 239 volunteers took part in these clean-ups of Pilar’s Beach, including 63 children who helped us to clean the beach.

The event was organized to clean 4 beaches on the island and create the greatest possible impact. On the morning of September 21, more than 800 volunteers, most of them locals, went out to clean the shores of the beaches of Malapascua. For more than 2 hours, the beaches of Logón, Indonación, Pilar and Guinbintayan, were full of people collecting the garbage accumulated on the shores of our beaches. In total about 13340 square meters were covered, collecting a total of 4410 kg in 859 garbage bags with the help of 870 volunteers.

We can say that the cleaning day was a great day for Malapascua and for all its inhabitants, thanks to the collaboration between the different organizations and businesses of the island, where we can highlight the amount of garbage collected and the work of the volunteers. Thank you all!

«Las «Small actions are responsible for big changes»

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